Title and Author: Austenland by Shannon Hale
Type: Modern "Retelling" (or maybe a modern related story) 
Perspective: Modern Elizabeth
Romance Level: Kissing
Recommended: yes, 4 stars

Summary: Jane is secretly obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, specifically the Colin Firth miniseries. She knows she has unrealistic expectations about her love life, but can't seem to move past them. When a rich aunt dies, she is bequeathed a vacation to Regency England and the promise of an Austen experience like no other. 

Things I Liked:
* Shannon Hale is the best. I was searching the library catalogue for work by her for my kids (Princess Academy and Princess in Black are current favorites at my house.) when I found this and realize I had to read it (and it is free through the Hoopla app). Her snark and wit are what makes this book for me.
* Jane is believable as a modern girl with unrealistic expectations and her witty voice made me laugh out loud. 
* She gets a happy ending. 

Things I Didn't Like:
* The story is completely unrealistic, but the dialogue and 
* The characters are a bit over the top and can seem like caricatures. 
* I would have liked a longer, "happy" ending.


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